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    Buono Come il Pane
    (Be a Good Person)

    This year, Grand Hotel Miramare celebrates its 120th anniversary. We’ve distilled the past twelve decades into twelve principles that now guide our approach to life. Each principle is a lesson learned from each decade, with our third principle below covering 1923 to 1932.

    The 1920s were tumultuous.

    Post-WWI, Italy suffered a devastating economic depression which gave rise to fascism and Benito Mussolini.

    How Italians experienced that fascist rule greatly varied depending on their class, gender and ethnicity. For many, the regime brought more economic hardship and a loss of basic human rights. For others, fascism brought stability and national honour. The impact of fascist rule also varied depending on geography - reflecting the historical divide between the north and south, and rural and urban, parts of Italy.

    During the 1920s, hotels represented a place of class and prestige. Somewhere for high society to gather and socialise.

    For that reason, hotels had to be more than just a place to stay for the night or week. They needed to be a luxury temporary home full of style and comfort, and the epitome of cleanliness and esteem. A whole host of facilities were required, from bathhouses to spa centres, while an army of staff was needed in order to greet important guests.

    The importance of music and art grew within hotels and similar environments, and these two pillars remain central to Grand Hotel Miramare today.

    Because of everything going on around us, it’s fair to say that our third decade is not our fondest. That said, there is still a lesson within it: the importance of being kind and compassionate. Which leads us to our third life principle…

    The Italian phrase ‘buono come il pane’ literally means ‘good as bread’ but it’s used to describe a caring person with a good heart. Why? Because there are few things as nice as eating bread still warm from the oven, and if a person is as nice as that then that’s really the best you can get.

    ‘Be a good person’ may sound like a simple statement yet it’s a deliberate choice that requires effort and practice. It’s an ethos we hold dear at Grand Hotel Miramare. Be approachable, be kind, be thoughtful.

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